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Angela Springer-Clarke

HR and Client Support

Angela is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD).  She is a CIPD qualified HR Specialist with over 25 years generalist expertise, coupled with supervisory and people management experience.  Angela has worked in corporate and non-corporate companies, not for profit and charities.

Angela is also a qualified Inspirational Coach, Inspirational Writer and Workshop Facilitator.  All serve to encourage and support confidence-building of mental health sufferers and those who have faced traumatic life experiences.  Whilst she has facilitated several workshops and consultations for non-management people, her main area of appeal has been from company owners and all levels of directors and management.

As an advocate of racial awareness in the early 90s, Angela became a member and then Lead of the Baptist Racial Awareness Group.  Angela worked with the group to create interactive workshops and delivered them around Baptist Churches in Yorkshire.  The objective being to raise awareness of their diverse parishioners and potential ones, with an appreciation of how all could mutually benefit from individuals feeling valued, by having involvement and responsibilities with church activities.

Angela’s current role is managing a business network of people from the African and Caribbean diaspora, where she is committed to creating a trusting, educational and promotional space to maximise business and individual performance in that community.

Angela is an advocate for best practice towards awareness of inclusion, fairness and respect of diversity. Her career in the early days, spanned from Administration Clerk, to PA and working in a contact centre environment, before supervising teams of contact centre telephonists and HR Assistants


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