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Angela Nugent

Learning and Business Development Consultant

Angela is a highly accomplished training and development professional, with extensive experience in developing, designing, and tailoring courses to suit the specific needs and development goals of delegates in organisations such as City of London Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and Children’s Social care.

With experience of working in the Learning and development department of a National charity, Angela specialised in delivering interactive training sessions to senior management, first-line mangers and volunteers using her in-depth knowledge, passion and experience to convey complex information in an interesting and engaging way, to motivate them to apply their knowledge practically and effectively in their role.

With her knowledge and awareness of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Angela ensures that all the training she facilitates has a diversity and inclusion emphasis. An example of this is ensuring the cultural complexities of what domestic abuse means to different communities, and the need to consider different approaches to supporting those affected. In addition to this, Angela in her role as a representative for a Regional Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee was responsible for interactive ED& I workshops to raise awareness on the importance of Diversity and Inclusion.

Angela has more than 10 years experience in social care as a qualified Children and young persons practitioner, responsible for supporting children and young people in need of care and protection to enhance the quality of their lives. Angela has gained a wealth of knowledge and practical experience   as a front-line practitioner, and manager in the domestic abuse and sexual violence field, with the responsibility of coordinating support services for victims of crime. With a particular interest in addressing Violence against women and girls (VAWG), Angela is a strong advocate who has delivered workshops to organisations to further raise awareness on victims’ needs. She has also held the position of chair at a local Women’s Centre.

Her work at Diverse Matters has included training and supporting organisations in Introduction to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, race inclusion, anti racist practice and gender inclusion.

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