Diversity & inclusion - why does it matter?


Let's talk about Race?

A key recommendation in the McGregor-Smith Review into Race in the Workplace was that a guide talking about race should be published. This guide features findings from the Race at Work survey responses of more the 7,000 people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background (BAME) backgrounds alongside insights from conversations between employers, individuals.  Business in the Community's Race Equality Director developed the Let's Talk about race booklet to support people within the workplace to feel more confident about talking about race...

It's 2018.... are we surprised to hear that people are still uncomfortable talking about race?  Race equality has been on the agenda for decades so is this necessary? There have been mixed reviews regarding the booklet with some feeling it is patronising and others feeling that any opportunity to talk about Race and Inclusion is a good thing... 

The booklet discusses issues including creating action plans, demonstrating commitment to BAME people, using research and internal data to enhance practice so that's useful right?

Perhaps if we talked more openly and positively about race there would be BAME people in senior management positions, improved unemployment figures for BAME people and a greater understanding of the discrimination that BAME people face in all aspects of their life.

Why not take a look at the guide for yourself and make a decision on how you feel about it?  



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