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DM Weekly Digest 02/06/2023

Pride Month 2023: Everything there is to know


Just in case you need a guide to what Pride Month represents and what is happening, The Big Issue has published a handy guide here.



From Uganda to the US, LGBT lives are at risk – and it’s getting worse across the world


But across much of the world, sexual minorities are still demonised. Read more here.



One of country's youngest ever ASBO holders now wants to make the world better


Danny was front-page news as a child. He now wants to work with politicians and help LGBTQ youths. Read more here.



The untold tale of America's first spelling bee victor


In 1908, Marie C Bolden, an African American teenager, became the first-ever spelling bee champion in the US, overcoming tricky words like 'acquiesce', 'descendant' and 'millinery' on her way to the top. But her achievement was quickly eclipsed by racial prejudice, and her story rarely told. Read more here.



The backlash: how slavery research came under fire


More and more institutions are commissioning investigations into their historical links to slavery – but the fallout at one Cambridge college suggests these projects are meeting growing resistance. Read more here.



'People always judge but you can't let that stop you': The barber changing the way we see disability


One of Birmingham's most well-known barbers says his disability has only made him stronger, as he continues his incredible success story. Read more here.



One in 10 female gamers feel suicidal over abuse they face while playing online, survey reveals


Around 25% of the women surveyed admitted to feeling depressed, 40% have felt personally threatened by the abuse they've experienced online, and 27% worried about being attacked in real life following threats made on gaming platforms. Read more here.



National Indigenous History Month 2023 is being celebrated through the arts


June is also National Indigenous History Month in Canada, with events taking place across the country. Read more here.



Finally – UK workplaces are getting new standards around periods


While countries like Spain have introduced period leave policies, the UK still seems a little behind on menstrual care. But thankfully, some steps are being made in the right direction. Read more here.